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Body Health Tool Kit

Body Fat Caliper

We only cover how to measure suprailiac skinfold thickness at near the hipbone, since we believe this is sufficient for the vast majority of people.


However, there are various methods that require measuring at anywhere from three to seven different locations on your body. If you would like to find out about them, start here.


Furthermore, a variety of smartphone apps are available for helping users track changes in body fat levels. Please click here to start your search.

Lightstuff Body Health Tool Kit Body Fat Caliper Instructions Manual

Body Tape Measure

BMI Calculator

Align your weight against your height and read the BMI figure in the window.

You can also use the BMI Calculator to find out what weight you will need to be to reach a certain BMI figure. All you need is align the blue arrow with the desired BMI figure and read the weight corresponding to your height.

Note: BMI should only be used as an easy, general-purpose guide. It is still highly useful for most people, but athletes and people who exercise a lot are often identified as overweight under BMI even if they are not because lean muscle is heavier than fat. To learn more about this issue, please visit our Facebook post and follow the link for an online article.

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