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Easy Digital

Blood Pressure Monitor

Please watch the brief video below to ensure accurate results!

Thank you for choosing Lightstuff Easy Digital Blood Pressure Monitor! 

Although the product is a highly sophisticated electronic device, it is amazingly easy to use.


You should be able to start measuring your blood pressure right away by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.


We also highly recommend that you go through the User's Manual to make the most of your purchase.


Watch this video first!!


This blood pressure monitor truly offers clinical grade accuracy, but to get consistent and precise readings, users must follow the instructions.


Please make sure the cuff is applied correctly and the device is positioned at level with your heart. It is also crucial that you are seated quietly in a relaxed manner.


As we mentioned in the video, we use this time for little prayers and expressing gratitude. We think it is an excellent idea, since health and mental benefits of such practices have been proven in a countless scientific studies.


It is also a good idea to you take the blood pressure monitor to your next doctor's appointment and check the measuring results against the equipment at the doctor's office.


The readings should match, but if some inconsistencies exist, please try adjusting the cuff position. There should 0.4"-0.8" of space between the cuff and the base of your palm.

Click below to download:
Quick Start Guide

User's Manual

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