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Home Exercise Starter Kit

Thank you for choosing Lightstuff Home Exercise Starter Kit.


You made a great choice! This product opens the door to a wide variety of workouts for stretching and building strength. With a little bit of creativity, it will not be difficult to even create your own exercise moves to suit your particular needs or target certain muscle groups.


To start off, please go through the included user's manual. It shows some exercise moves and ways to use the equipment. 

Please read the section, titled "Adjusting band length and resistance level,"  since knowing how to adjust the resistance band length easily and quickly is key to making the most of your kit.


The user's manual also briefly covers some tips on building habits -- an essential part of achieving lasting health and fitness.

If you misplaced the user's manual, you can download the PDF version from the bottom of this page.

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Lightstuff YouTube Channel


Please visit our YouTube channel for a collection of short videos showcasing individual workout moves, as well as compilations of those videos for possible exercise routines.

Click the links below to view the clips.

Main Page


Home Exercise Starter Kit Main Playlist


Compilation Videos

Short Videos of Exercise Moves

Additionally, we are currently compiling a list of YouTube pilates bar workout videos that we think may be helpful to expand your exercise routines or design your own.

If you find great pilates bar workout videos not on this list, please let us know. We will add your find to the list.

Please visit here later, as we will add the links to those videos as we find them.

Workout Companion ebook


We created a 5-day workout ebook to help you get started.

It should not take more than 15 minutes to complete each day's workout.

Please download it by clicking the image on the right and follow along if you are unsure where to begin.


Lightstuff Home Exercise Starter Kit - 5-Day Begginers' Workout Program

Click on the image to download the ebook

We truly believe this product is a highly effective home exercise tool that offers so much potential for anyone at any age and any fitness level. You already are head and shoulders above most people for taking a real step toward improving your health and fitness. We sincerely hope that this product will help you achieve your goal and create a healthier and happier life.


If you have any issue with the product at all, please give us a chance to address the issue. If you are not satisfied, we guarantee that you will receive a full refund. Also for any comments and suggestions, please write to us at

Lastly, we would really appreciate your review, since customer feedbacks are the backbone of any Amazon brand. To quickly leave a review, please click here. A new window will open to take you to Your Orders page on

Click the PDF icon to download the PDF version of the user's manual shown below.

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